Diablo Bikes X1




What is a fatbike?

A Diablo fatbike is a bike with extra-thick tires, usually between 3.8 and 5 inches wide, designed to ride on soft surfaces such as snow, sand and mud.

Can fatbikes be used on normal roads?

Yes, Diablo Fatbikes can also be used on normal roads. Although the thick tires can feel slightly heavier and slower on hard surfaces, they can still ride comfortably and stably on asphalt roads.

Are fatbikes difficult to maintain?

Diablo Fatbikes require a little more maintenance than regular bikes because of the extra width of the tires. It is important to regularly check and maintain the tire pressure to ensure their continued performance. In addition, it is important to regularly lubricate and clean the chain and other moving parts to ensure the bike keeps running smoothly.

Can I use a fatbike for commuting?

Yes, Diablo Fatbikes can also be used for commuting, especially if the route includes unpaved roads, trails or snowy conditions. Keep in mind that the extra width of the tires may feel slightly slower on asphalt roads.

Where can I find a Diablo dealer near me?

Our Dealers page lists all Diablo dealers.

In which store can I view and/or test out a particular fatbike?

Unfortunately, we have no insight into which fatbikes our Diablo dealers have in their showroom. It is best to contact your dealer to ask about their current stock.

Can I order a fatbike or the parts directly from the Diablo factory?

We supply exclusively through our Diablo dealers

What frame size do I need?

To buy the right frame size, it is best to get advice from one of our Diablo dealers.

Are there any bikes specifically for tall people?

Comfort on an electric bike is obviously important. If you are slightly taller than average, have your bike perfectly adjusted at an authorized Diablo Bike dealer.

How can there be price differences between certain dealers?

We have a recommended retail price for our fatbikes. Our Diablo dealers are independent entrepreneurs and set their own prices.

What is the delivery time of a fatbike?

Your Diablo dealers can inform and advise you on this.

My dealer no longer exists, now what?

The factory warranty can be handled by another Diablo dealer. The free maintenance and/or service calls are not transferable.


I would like to know more about your fatbikes, where can I find more information?

Diablo dealers are happy to provide you with information regarding our fatbikes. All info can of course also be found on our website.

How long do I have warranty on my fatbike?

View our terms and conditions regarding the warranty on a Diablo fatbike here.

Can a child seat be mounted on a Diablo fatbike?

This is certainly possible. For specific advice and/or correct mounting, we would like to refer you to the Diablo dealers in your area.
For safety reasons, we recommend mounting the seat on the stem or seat post. We do not recommend mounting child seats on the rear carrier alone, as this can lead to overloading and breakage of the carrier, thus compromising your child's safety. In this case, we also do not guarantee breakage of the rear carrier.

What about maintenance during the warranty period?

Servicing is something you agree on with the dealer. During the warranty period, it is common to have periodic maintenance done. Discuss this with the dealer.

Fatbikes: what is the difference between front and center motor?

The center motor is located on the bottom bracket, and it gives the most natural riding experience. The E-fatbike is stable on the road, and it is suitable for long distances.

The front wheel motor is mounted at the very front of the bottom bracket. The motor is slightly lighter in weight, while you experience a little more support while cycling. The E-fatbike with front-wheel motor is very suitable for commuting and shorter distances. The front-wheel motor is slightly cheaper in value compared to the middle motor.