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What is an E-Fat bike?

An E-Fat bike is a bicycle with extra-thick tires, usually between 3.8 and 5 inches wide, designed to ride on soft surfaces such as snow, sand and mud.

Can E-Fatbikes be used on normal roads?

Yes, E-Fatbikes can also be used on normal roads. Although the thick tires can feel slightly heavier and slower on hard surfaces, they can still ride comfortably and stably on asphalt roads.

Are E-Fat bikes difficult to maintain?

E-Fat bikes require a little more maintenance than regular bikes because of the extra width of the tires. It is important to regularly check and maintain the tire pressure to ensure they continue to perform well. In addition, it is important to regularly lubricate and clean the chain and other moving parts to ensure the bike keeps running smoothly.

Can I use an E-Fat bike for commuting?

Yes, E-Fatbikes can also be used for commuting, especially if the route includes unpaved roads, trails or snowy conditions. Keep in mind that the extra width of the tires may feel slightly slower on asphalt roads.